Taken 3 Review

Taken 3

If you liked Taken, with its decent cast, memorable phrases, and how it showed that Liam Neeson is the man… then you shouldn’t like Taken 3.

The violence is neutered, the story ridiculous and the action dull. Not even Liam Neeson’s later years badassery can save this turd. It could be argued that despite being rubbish Taken 2 ties up the story of the original. The third entry just wants your money and doesn’t care that it’s trading off former glories.

Let’s take every single action scene for example. They’re cut so many times that can barely tell what’s going on. 15 cuts in 6 seconds! It could be anyone in a tall coat and the editing would disguise it. Neeson might not have been there for half of it! Then there’s a scene where his character is getting beaten badly, with a gun, that I’m not sure is empty. Just be disarmed or make some effort to not look dumb.

Any emotion is phoned in or tacked on. Films are a business, I get that. It’s about money a lot of the time. But Christ, be a bit less obvious about what you’re doing. They managed to corral Neeson into another go around, but he doesn’t want to run, so he doesn’t. He doesn’t really want to be there, and you shouldn’t bother.

It boils down to this; Taken is a one film trilogy. Taken 3? More like taken the piss.

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