DCEU Films Ranked

The DC Extended Universe. What a mess eh? Nevertheless, it is now at ten films, going back all the way to 2013’s Man of Steel. With that many films, I couldn’t help it…I had to […]


Scott Adkins Films Ranked

EDIT – Scott has read this! Absolutely buzzing that he took the time to read it and reply on Twitter. He disagrees on #17, but that’s cool. Check out the tweet at the the bottom! […]


Star Wars Books Ranked

In the nineties I was a fiend for Star Wars books. The mere appearance of my face in the school library would be greeted with “no Chris there aren’t any new ones”. From Thrawn to […]


Metal Gear Games Ranked

A series of games that pushed the limits of what a game could be, with complicated themes and interesting characters. They also make great use of cardboard boxes. What’s not to like about Metal Gear […]