Star Wars Books Ranked

In the nineties I was a fiend for Star Wars books. The mere appearance of my face in the school library would be greeted with “no Chris there aren’t any new ones”. From Thrawn to […]


Scott Adkins Ranked

With over 60 acting credits on IMDB, Scott Adkins has been in everything from Doctors to Doctor Strange. But how many people know who he is? This ranked article is a discovery piece for me, […]


Resident Evil Ranked

My brothers and I were too young to be playing it but we had managed to convince our mum to get us a copy of Resident Evil as it had turned Platinum and was only […]


Mission: Impossible Ranked

I tend not to concern myself with the personal lives of those I like to watch on screen. So couch jumping and Scientology, though damn odd, don’t prevent me from enjoying a Tom Cruise film. […]


Metal Gear Solid Ranked

A series of games that pushed the limits of what a game could be, with complicated themes and interesting characters. They also make great use of cardboard boxes. What’s not to like about Metal Gear […]