Klaus Review

When it comes round to December, there are small number of films that the Cooper family watches. The Muppet Christmas Carol. A Nightmare Before Christmas. Die Hard (commence heated discussions with my wife on it’s […]

Knives Out

Knives Out Review

First things first, there is one thing I have to mention. Daniel Craig’s accent isn’t annoying or distracting! Guys, we’re immediately onto a winner. And it doesn’t end there; the good stuff keeps on coming. […]

Savage Islands

Savage Islands Review

I’m sorry Lance, but Savage Islands isn’t great. Now to everyone but Lance, that comment won’t make any sense. Allow me to explain. Lance has given me the unique opportunity to review a film that […]


Enchanted Review

How had I not seen Enchanted properly before! There’s a running joke on my wife’s side of the family that her brother does a great cry of “Giselle”, before biting the back of his hand. […]

Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 Review

Or would it? I honestly thought we were on a hiding to nothing as the three of us sat down to check out Toy Story 4. That maybe at best I’d like it, but it […]

The King of Comedy

The King of Comedy Review

Having recently seen Joker I’ve heard a lot about the films that may have influenced it. So I’ve made an effort to watch some of them. Turns out that if I’d seen The King of […]


Spider-Man (2002) Review

Surely only Batman fans can consider them as fortunate as those of Spider-Man over the past twenty years. Successful films, video games, comics, and animated series. They’ve both had it all. Neither have had it […]


Joker Review

This review has taken some time to write. More time, more thought, and more conversations around Joker have led me to a very different place than when I first stepped out of the cinema. Originally, […]