Bugsnax Review

Part Pokémon Snap, part Detective Pikachu, all charming, Bugsnax is a quirky, catchy game. From the music to the character design it feels unlike anything around at the moment. As an unnamed journalist, you travel […]


Star Wars Squadrons Review

I’m of the age where I remember my PC living in the living room, beige tower buzzing away at 66MHZ, with a parental deal in place that we’d have the modem on between 6pm and […]


Astro’s Playroom Review

An utter delight from start to finish, Astro’s Playroom hasn’t just introduced me to my shiny new PlayStation 5. It has reminded me how much joy this series of consoles has provided me with over […]


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review

Cast your mind back a few years to a defining multiplayer game of mine, Micro Machines. With four pads plugged in and you all trying to avoid the cables, friendliness and banter quickly became antagonistic. […]


Resident Evil 3 Review

Revelations Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3R) is the sixteenth game I’ve played in the series. I don’t think I’ve even played that many Mario games! It’s had some stinkers, but there’s one game that has […]


Jedi: Fallen Order Review

It’s been two months since I finished Jedi: Fallen Order, with the draft of this review sitting there barely touched since then. What a few months away has done is provide me with perspective. How […]

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Review

Resident Evil 2 is my least favourite game in the original PlayStation trilogy. There, I said it! Come at me. To clarify, the original Resident Evil 2 is not a bad game. It ranks highly […]