100 Word Review

100 Word Review – Batman & Robin

A Director’s second Batman film shows their true intentions. Returns, TDK, Batman & Robin. A successful first entry gains leeway you see. Joel Schumacher’s second is undeniably a hot mess. My suggestion? Watch it the […]

100 Word Review

100 Word Review – Aquaman

I had no interest in watching Aquaman, until I saw Zack Snyder’s Justice League. I soon discovered that they had very little in common, but Aquaman’s maiden solo outing is not the ‘Green Lantern in […]

100 Word Review

100 Word Review – Dead Snow

A group of medical students holiday at a secluded lodge, only to find themselves under attack by outrageous forces. The group’s resident film buff even mentions Evil Dead, just in case anyone wasn’t sure it […]

100 Word Review

100 Word Review – The Iceman

I’m not the biggest fan of Michael Shannon. He’s intense and powerful, bubbling beneath the surface well. But that’s about all I’ve seen from him. That power overshadows The Iceman. As a biopic it’s short […]

100 Word Review

100 Word Review – The Iron Giant

Based on one of the most memorable books of my childhood, The Iron Giant has somehow managed to pass me by for many years. I’ve garnered too many incredulous looks when admitting I haven’t seen […]

100 Word Review

100 Word Review -Sicario

I’ve finally seen my first Denis Villeneuve film, and I won’t be watching it again! Fear not though, for Sicario is a tense and very well put together piece that lives up to the hype […]

Matt Damon
100 Word Review

100 Word Review – Elysium

Neill Blomkamp films consist of three things – Sharlto Copley Impressive visual effects Class divide as a theme Having seen District 9 and Chappie, Elysium held no surprises. Visually it’s great, but it asks a […]

A group of dogs
100 Word Review

100 Word Review – Isle of Dogs

With their unquestionable loyalty and seemingly bottomless ability to love, I’ve long said that “humans don’t deserve dogs”.  Isle of Dogs uses Wes Anderson’s unique lens to show us a heart-warming and affectionate portrayal of […]

100 Word Review

100 Word Review – Mindhorn

Putting aside the fact that Julian Barratt shares more than a passing resemblance to my Dad, Mindhorn is a fun little distraction that probably won’t live long in the memory. To be fair Barratt and […]