The Lego Batman Movie Review

The Lego Batman Movie

My wife and I still say “dang it”, referencing the original Lego Movie. It left an impact.

Batman was one of the stars of that movie and now he’s got his own as Lego continues to build it’s own cinematic universe with The Lego Batman Movie. The trailers and marketing had me excited but I had concerns that it would be too much. He worked as part of a bigger machine but could he handle the spotlight?

He can! Do you know why? I think we all know what’s coming…

Because he’s BATMAN!

Will Arnett’s Batman is a crazy amalgam of every incarnation ever and the film goes to great lengths to show that. Do you want to see references for everything from the 1940’s serials to Batman v Superman? Then you are in luck. For a long-time fan of the character in all his incarnations this was a real treat and goes to show the love that the makers of the film have. That love isn’t solely for the Dark Knight either. There are a variety of choices made, mainly with regards to voicing, that made me tingle. Amalgams everywhere!

The story itself isn’t terribly surprising but familiarity with the tale does the final product no harm. There is a lot of action and a lot of Master Builder-ing but I don’t feel it overshadows things. It’s pretty well judged, though I don’t know if it was the boiling temperature in the cinema or the pacing that made me feel that things plodded a little in the second act.

Ultimately I was left entertained and satisfied. One of Batman’s greatest strengths is how he can exist in such different styles and that strength is used to great effect here.

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