The Lego Movie Review

I worked through my fair share of Lego sets when I was younger. I’d open it up, follow the instructions to make the vehicle (always vehicles), and then very quickly take it apart again. Why? To make something else out of it! Generally either a weapon or a flying vehicle of some kind. The magic of Lego is that there is no correct way, and you can build anything.

The Lego Movie understands this perfectly, deftly sidestepping becoming a toy commercial with plenty of laughs, surprises, and touching moments.

From snapped helmets to scuffed feet the attention to detail and clear affection for the subject matter shines through. This film was made by people who understand what Lego is all about.

Those people are the guys who directed Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and they’ve brought with them their unique mix of charm and randomness. Their presence raised my initial interest from “crap another Battleship” to “worth a go”. The trailers, and reveal of Batman as a main character, then ramped it up further to “I’m possibly too excited”.

It’s been a day since we saw the film now, and I’m still humming the main song and quoting the film. For kids and adults alike this will be a real treat.

I was concerned that I’d hyped it up too much in my head. But it delivers, and now I want to buy some Lego. Hm, I guess it was a really good commercial too.

Everything is indeed awesome.

Second Viewing – 5 Months Later

Concerned that it wasn’t going to hold up as well at home, I popped the Blu-Ray in last night and sat down with my wife. I needn’t have worried! Batman and Emmet are still hilarious, but this time I found Benny, a.k.a. 1980-Something Space Guy to be my favourite. It’s still quotable (in fact we both still say “dang it”), it’s still funny, it’s still touching and it’s still awesome. Annnnnnd that song is back in my head…..

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