Evolution Review

My wife was astounded that I hadn’t seen Evolution properly. So on it went!

Released in 2001, what struck me most was how much things have changed since then, and I don’t mean in terms of CGI or technology.

The jokes this film makes, mainly at the expense of both the only person of colour and only female, make it seem pretty backwards. I thought I might laugh at the jokes, and I did a few times, but overall I kept looking round to my wife to mouth “wtf?” as another ropey comment was made.

In many ways it feels like Ivan Reitman tried to remake Ghostbusters. His scientists have an easy and fun banter with each other, full of clever remarks. There’s an earth ending threat, and it ends with a lot of people getting covered in fluid. There’s even a guy who reminded of Peck.

So it’s not a terrible film, but it doesn’t make the most of its premise, and manages to both sexist and a bit racist.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had last year. A group of us were discussing how Friends is a TV classic. But one younger guy commented on how out of touch it is at times. That’s very true, but as I grew up with it I don’t judge it by ‘now’ standards. Perhaps if I’d seen Evolution back in the day I’d be more forgiving. I can see why my wife and others like it, but for me it’s middling at best.

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