Captain Marvel Review

Captain Marvel

At this point in the MCU our heroes have all had their origin stories and are well established. I feel for Captain Marvel; saddled with the enormous responsibility of being the one we think will turn the tide against Thanos. But we don’t even know her! I’m trying to shake the feeling that we should have at least heard of her before now; it certainly makes things tough.

As a nineties kid there’s a lot here for me to like, such as the soundtrack. There’s a great mix of old and new characters, with favourites Fury and Coulson getting the de-ageing treatment. That tech is extremely impressive. We meet the infamous Skrulls for the first time, with Ben Mendholson’s Talos in particular becoming a very pleasing character.

The film is all about Brie Larson’s Captain though, and she forms a great on-screen chemistry with Jackson’s Fury. These scenes show the film at it’s best, and make it worth getting through a fairly rough first act. There’s an expectation that know your Kree from your Skrull at this point (watch Guardians of the Galaxy!), but it’s still clunky. Fortunately it picks up as it moves along.

Large aspects of the story are tricky to discuss without venturing into spoiler territory, but one thing I noticed, after the film mind you, was how I didn’t feel hit over the head with feminist or military ideas. Clearly some butthurt ignoramus’s can’t handle the more inclusive direction that these films are heading in. Screw ’em. I want my little girl to grow up with as many positive examples as possible, in as many different areas as possible.

Touching on some real world issues, Captain Marvel puts forward the possible new face of the MCU post End Game. On this basis I wouldn’t quite say it’s in safe hands, but there’s far more to be positive about than not.

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