Triple Frontier Review

As someone who is increasingly watching new Netflix releases, it’s very pleasing to see who they can attract. They don’t see afraid to splash the cash either, and it shows. From the cast, to the […]

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Review

At this point in the MCU our heroes have all had their origin stories and are well established. I feel for Captain Marvel; saddled with the enormous responsibility of being the one we think will […]

Batman Ninja

Batman Ninja Review

Batman Ninja. It’s a pretty snazzy title isn’t it? Conjures up all sorts of images that get the juices flowing. The conclusion I arrived at watching Batman Ninja is that someone had an idea of […]


Life Review

I’m not sure why Life got a hard time. Sure, it brings nothing new story-wise to the genre, but it’s executed well enough to make it a decent watch. The impression left by social media […]