Can You Ever Forgive Me? Review

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Looking ahead to roughly plan my day off work, I figured I might visit the cinema for the first time in 2019. 9am cinema visits aren’t usually my forte, but I felt compelled to support Richard E.Grant.

Thank goodness I did, as Can You Ever Forgive Me? is a fantastic film. It’s full of scallywags! Who doesn’t love a scallywag?!

Scallywag. I like typing it.

Based on a true story, this film is full of people that you wouldn’t necessarily want to be around. These people are simultaneously charming and despicable. So.much like real life!

Despite the serious things that happen, this biographical story allows some very natural humour and wit to shine through. The laughs aren’t chased down; they develop out of the convincing relationships and interactions we’re shown. And what performances there are. Grant and McCarthy are both Oscar-worthy here as far as I’m concerned.

Downplaying her usual comic tendencies with a constant frown and an abrasive nature that pushes people away, McCarthy is a revelation. She does terrible things, and you shouldn’t like her. But I found myself rooting for her. Can she do more stuff like this please? There’s clearly a talented actress in there.

Grant gives a charismatic yet supremely sad performance. I laughed with him, pitied him, and worried for him. I’ve seen very little of him but I might need to find more now.

It’s such a shame this film saw a limited release as more people should have had the chance to see it. I can’t forgive the cinemas that!

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