100 Word Review

100 Word Review – Snowpiercer

Stuck at the end of a train forever circling the globe after an environmental catastrophe, the lower class revolts in an attempt to even the balance in this grim but brilliant offering. It’s a mental […]


Lucy Review

Scarlett Johansson has been very busy indeed, this being the fourth I’ve seen starring her this year. She’s fearless in her choices; which leads to some amazing films (Her), but also leads to films with […]


Turtles in Time #3 Review

Originally written for Flickering Myth. Not caught up yet? Here’s my review for Turtles in Time #2 “The Turtles hit the high seas when they are dropped in the middle of a pirate battle! Little do […]


The Expendables 3 Review

To whoever cut the trailer for The Expendables 3…kudos. It left me excited to see more of our ageing action heroes despite my opinion of the first two films (here’s my review for EX2). Having […]


TMNT #37 Review

Originally written for Flickering Myth. If you’re not all caught up yet, check out my review for TMNT #36! “From the start, two villains have dominated the Turtles’ lives: Shredder and Krang. Now, for the first […]


Assault on Arkham Review

Set in the ‘Arkham’ universe, Assault on Arkham may have Batman (once again voiced brilliantly by Kevin Conroy) emblazoned all over, but he comes and goes. Constantly mentioned but seen in spurts. The real stars of […]


Hercules Review

A Brett Ratner film is not something that fills me with confidence. Anyone who watched X-Men: The Last Stand can attest. I wasn’t expecting much as the lights dimmed. After completing the legendary 12 labours […]