100 Word Review – Cold Light of Day

A pre Superman Henry Cavill stars in this Bourne lite knock off.

Though it did nothing to offend me it didn’t impress either, with a director searching for a style and a cast picking up pay cheques. Cavill is the only one to really commit and does himself no harm, making great use of his physicality.

It’s just a shame that he has to do it in such an obvious story. Willis offers nothing yet again and Weaver gives us ‘evil Ripley’. It’s got straight to DVD written all over it but did make for an OK late night watch.


  1. It says a lot that if Cavill hadn't become Superman, this probably would have ended up in the straight to DVD bargain bin (where it belongs).

  2. I've seen some absolutely scathing reviews of this film. As I said it didn't offend me at all and sometimes an average film fits the bill for an evening.

    But you're right. If Cavill hadn't gained notoriety through becoming the Man of Steel this would have just disappeared.

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