What Do You Do With 150 Copies of FIFA?


Look at this, spied in a local CEX at lunchtime. Many a FIFA!

FIFA’s ’08 to ’19, all on PS3. What a cache of games! And nearly worthless.

50p for ’08, all the way up to £35 for 2019. I didn’t even know 2019 was on PS3! That in itself is amazing. I believe FIFA 19: Legacy Edition is a true wonder in this day and age. At least EA are upfront about the fact that Legacy Editions don’t get new features, just updated kits and teams. Still, the price is steep.

FIFA games have true obsolescence built in, with one edition holding it’s value right up until the point the next one is released. Apple would be proud of the model EA have got going here. If you extrapolated out this situation across the world, my assumption is the sheer amount of waste would put E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial to shame!

The main thought though is what are you doing to do with them?

  • Spare cases for when your kids get hold of your games?
  • Building blocks?
  • An art installation detailing the waste of modern society?
  • Something to keep your table level?

If you have any ideas for what you can do with 70 copies of FIFA then please let me know!

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