The Transformers: The Movie Review

I’m going to disappoint some of you I’m afraid.

First off, what an awkward title! It doesn’t read well at all. Knock off the first ‘The’, and we’re in business.

I do love to read up on a film post viewing, and I’m really glad I did here, as it explained a lot. Turns out that certain mandates from the makers of the toys had a big say in the story. You can only sell so many Optimus Primes before you need something fresh.

Transformers: The Movie (sounds better!), is awfully cynical in how it clears the decks for new toys. Not being armed with this knowledge, I must admit I wondered what the hell was going on. Why were all the Autobots dying!?! The film is actually set between the second and third series of the cartoon, so I was missing an awful lot of context.

Which means that for me, Transformers: The Movie is an entertaining collection of quotes and set pieces. Without the context of the cartoon series it can’t be anything more. I can imagine how every death and near-miss should feel, but I can’t feel them myself.

I do need to mention how ridiculous the cast is. Besides the legendary Welker and Cullen, we have Leonard Nimoy and Orson Welles! There’s also a future Colonel Campbell in there, for those who love their Metal Gear Solid. The animation, the voices, the music…it’s all good stuff.

You can’t not get excited when “YOU’VE GOT THE TOUCH” starts blasting, or when Optimus starts taking names. I’d defy you to not get into that. This is a cult film, and I completely understand the love for it. But without the knowledge of the series it could never hit the heights I wanted it to.

The Transformers: The Movie definitely has the touch, but personally it doesn’t have the power.

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  1. Now all the points you make are valid but I suggest you go back and and watch the first 2 seasons of the generation 1 cartoon and that will hopefully give you a different perspective on the film, for me it’s the best transformers movie despite its flaws and I am including the Bumblebee movie in that.

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