Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Review

The Rise of Skywalker

Reviewing films can be a tricky business. I can conjure up fancy words and insight, and I enjoy it! But ultimately, films are all about how they make you feel. That balance between head and heart can be hard to describe.

Sat in the cinema, watching The Rise of Skywalker, I felt good. And I enjoyed it. In much the same way that I did in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi actually.

I’ve checked out my reviews of Episodes VII and VIII in prep for writing this, and you know what? I don’t agree with either of them! But what they bring to mind is how I felt in the cinema each time.

For all of this trilogies’ problems, and there are many, how I felt in the cinema watching a Star Wars film has not diminished. Things change – knowledge, opinions, views – yet I remember how I felt in the cinema. I can’t…I won’t ignore that.

Does the film have problems? Oh yes, loads! But the majority of them are not this film’s fault. ‘TROS’ is the true end product of the Sequel Trilogy. It’s messy, rushed, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense at times, but my goodness, when it’s right, it feels damn good.

The Force Awakens was too slavish to it’s past, and The Last Jedi went too far out of its way to subvert. Both have some real good stuff in them, but in no way do they help each other form a solid, cohesive trilogy.

With one hand tied behind it’s back, TROS provides some thrilling scenes, some hilarious character moments, and a hefty dose of nostalgia. I ran the full gamut of emotions. Like it’s predecessors it’s far from perfect. But it could never be. The ‘Sequel Trilogy’ had so much to contend with – expectation, the EU, the internet – that it couldn’t please everyone. Disney clearly not planning it out doesn’t help either.

That it manages to give us some new things to love is enough for me. The prequels gave me music and memes, whilst the sequels have given me Kylo Ren and Babu Frik.

With time things will change; I’ll eventually settle onto some long-term feelings for The Rise of Skywalker and the Sequel Trilogy as a whole. I’m fully aware of the issues, but there’s enough that I like, and enough moments that made me excited, that I’m alright with it.

So here we are again, another final episode in the saga. Until the next time! But in all seriousness, whatever your thoughts…

May the force be with you you. Always.

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