Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Spider-Man: Far From Home

It’s fitting that on SDS’s 7th anniverdary I’m once again sharing a Spider-Man review.

Setting aside my amazement at the end credits scenes, the main question I had upon leaving Spider-Man: Far From Home was “is it as good as Homecoming?”

With another great villain, several revelations, and Peter making huge personal and superhero strides, yes it is. It’s not going to break the top five in my rankings – that bar is real high – but top ten is a possibility.

Only Batman can match Spider-Man when it comes to villains, and the MCU is making good use of them. Keaton’s Vulture was highly enjoyable, and Gyllenhaal manages to match him. Quentin Beck channels every exasperated director the actor has ever met I’d wager. With an extremely faithful design and some very neat callbacks, he’s a great test, asking a lot of questions about Spidey and the post Endgame MCU.

He’s not the only challenge though, as Parker also struggles with what the world expects of him. Can he have a normal life? How can he progress with a now much more open MJ (nicely played again by Zendaya). Can he still be an Avenger? Plenty of questions are answered and raised in a story that still manages to be breezy and fun with it’s road trip vibe.

There are darker moments though, and several sequences invoke some stark (intended) imagery. Some pretty nasty stuff happens, and I found myself wondering just how much this young man could take. He’s sure been put through the ringer over the past few years.

You couldn’t have this film directly follow Endgame and not mention Tony Stark. He was Peter’s hero and mentor, and casts a long shadow over the story. I don’t agree with those who feel it’s too much as I can see how ultimately, he’ll become his own man through all this.

We’ve had this Spider-Man on screen five times in three years. At this rate he could have a second trilogy, and I’d be happy if he did! Not just for Holland either, as Director Webb and the predominantly young cast clearly know how to work in the larger MCU yet retain their own style. It would be remiss of me not mention Parker’s teachers; amusingly flawed adults just trying to do their best.

As the capper to the Infinity Saga, there is so much to discuss regarding Spider-Man: Far From Home. I even considered going ‘full spoiler’ in this review. But in the spirit of the site’s anniversary I’ll stick to its core belief; that spoilers aren’t needed to tell you if a film is worth your time. In this case, it definitely is.

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