Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Review

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim is a jerk. At it’s most basic level this movie is about Scott figuring out how not to be one. Visually and conceptually this is a tricky film to explain. But it’s ultimately about a Canadian who can kick ass, learning about not just the power of love, but also the power of self-respect.

Full of off-the-wall humour and dialogue, it’s a very economical take on the series of books it’s based on; Edgar Wright gives us a pretty brisk adventure.

The pixelated era of video games that a lot of the story is based around (extra lives, mirror characters, etc) are directly from my era of video games growing up. The cast of now famous people flip from clueless to knowledgeable with aplomb and are highly entertaining.

The mix of extreme ordinary and howling craziness is a strong one; there’s enough here to keep you grounded but plenty of zaniness to propel things along and keep you entertained. Badly chatting up a girl at a party one moment and headbutting a man out of existence the next sound like odd bedfellows, but they live together harmoniously here.

Special mention goes to the Evil Exes, who are generally hilarious. From being punched in the boob, to being frustrated with skimmed emails, the pick of the bunch is Chris Evans.

I can see how this film bombed upon release, as it’s a tricky one to quickly sell. There’s so much going on and so many layers, that you’ve got no chance of giving it an elevator pitch and getting everything across. Michael Cera figured it would find its audience in time, and I think it has. Scott Pilgrim vs the Box Office may have resulted in a harsh K.O but the film is an absolutely treat of a thing.

(checks phone) Hahaha! That’s actually hilarious.

Lucas Lee

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