Ralph Breaks the Internet Review

Ralph Breaks the Internet

A few years ago I said that if you like Disney and Video Games you’re in for a treat. I’m happy to report that the sentiment still stands for it’s sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet.

All the strengths of the original remain, but the addition of the internet to the story has given the film the means to look into a variety of subjects.

Toxic masculinity, ‘going viral’, and other more negative aspects of the web are put in the spotlight, negating the feeling that Ralph Breaks the Internet is a massive advert. Because if you chose to take it that way, it really could be. The big players rightfully take centre stage in something depicting the internet. They’re big in scale, but they aren’t big in terms of story.

The story is insightful without being judgemental, but it’s the characters that make it successful. In this respect, Reilly and Silverman deliver another great vocal pairing. There are a plenty of well-known voices throughout the film, but if it weren’t for them we just wouldn’t care so much.

In the true spirit of a sequel, Ralph 2 does open things up massively, but it doesn’t lose sight of what made the first one good.

If you know your way around the net you’re in for a treat. Even if you don’t though, Ralph Breaks the Internet is still both entertaining and thoughtful. And I haven’t even mentioned all the cameos…

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