Polar Review

Netflix Polar

If it weren’t for Mads Mikkelson’s stoic coolness, Polar would be unwatchable. It’s a mess, but he has so much presence that you want to see what he does.

From assassin’s that feel the need to both snipe and flank, to obnoxious graphics that I struggled to read, it’s consistently excessive.

The ‘weary assassin looks for way out and peace but gets dragged back in’ thing has been done before, so if Polar was going to stand out or add anything it needed to do a lot more. A prostate exam isn’t enough! I do like the dig at big business and how it treats it’s employees, but it isn’t used as anything more than setup.

To be fair to Mads, he does handle the action well, and his scenes are well executed. But for each good thing, there are several bad things, like Mat Lucas being the villain. What? My Mum is more menacing and could swear more convincingly.

It should come as no surprise that the director has spent 20 years working on music videos. Polar feels like one – full of flashy images yet ultimately hollow.

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