Morgan Review


Inert isn’t the perfect word to describe Morgan, but it is the word that came to mind about halfway through. If I wasn’t looking the entire thing could have passed by and I wouldn’t have noticed. Morgan makes it very hard for me to muster up anything more than indifference, and it barely manages that.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before (I know you can’t!). Supposedly very clever people do a series of things that are clearly very dumb. There’s a twist that even I managed to see only minutes in. Shockingly (not) it all goes wrong. Then it ends. There’s nothing new here, but that couldn’t have stopped it being somehow entertaining.

I figured I couldn’t really lose as there was nothing else on. Unfortunately after it finished I honestly couldn’t tell you that I felt as though I’d just watched a film. Rather, some stuff happened on a screen and now I’m telling you not to bother. It may only be 92 minutes long, but even then it outstays it’s welcome with little characterisation and even less tension.

Most films make me feel something, but for this film I can’t even shrug my shoulders. Just watch Ex Machina instead.

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