Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review

I loved Marvel’s Spider-Man. In a game that looked to “Be Greater”, it showcased a fantastic new version of Peter Parker. Both him and his world felt fully realised, and it became one of the few games of the PS4 generation that I saw through to 100% completion. There were some clunky parts, and it felt padded out with content at times, but overall it was a great experience.

‘Feeling like Spider-Man’ is an old trope now – we know games can do that. But here we’re instead asked to “Be Yourself” as we step into the shoes of Miles Morales. Ironing out the wrinkles of the first game – whilst only adding one of it’s own – I’m happy to report that Insomniac have topped their previous effort.

Miles Morales takes all the great mechanics of the first game and bolsters it with a new flavour and the new DualSense controller, then wraps it up in a much more focused story.

The story is actually the only thing I might have any issue with it come to mention it. I love it’s almost laser like focus on Miles. Peter’s first outing went everywhere and tried to do so much; it still nailed the emotions but it took longer to get there. With this game, even when I was answering requests through the app that Miles uses, or collecting things, it all felt connected. I was building a relationship with Miles, and I really like him. What I felt was missing slightly was a relationship with Harlem. An awful lot is made of it, so more time in it and the people who live there could have made the ending hit harder.

That is a niggle though; MM plays well, looks gorgeous, and biggest of all, is the perfect length game for me. I’ve checked, and I’ve logged roughly 16 hours. In that time I did the story and completed everything on the map. I haven’t chased all the trophies but I’m still at 73%. I’ve done everything I wanted to with it and got my money’s worth. I’m not one for spending hundreds of hours in any game, but this felt right.

I’ll be keeping my copy too, since the mood may well take me to thwip around NYC again. With some of the extra suits being frankly stunning, and the mechanics so solid, it’s likely. I didn’t get the version that came with the original game remastered, which means the well-publicised change to Peter Parker was jarring. To my eyes he looks too young and they had it right the first time. But Peter isn’t the focus here; Miles is, and he’s great!

From the wobble when stringing up goons, to occasionally ungainly swinging, it’s clear that this is someone finding their way. Miles has plenty of his own stuff to deal with, but having Peter in his corner means he isn’t answering the same questions that Peter constantly asked of himself. With his extra abilities (stunning in photo mode btw) making up for his slighter weaker fighting, Miles is unique, and it’s a joy to experience his take on being a Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man.

How they’ll juggle both in the future is an interesting issue, and one I look forward to immensely.

Played OnPS5
Time Spent19 hours overall
12 hours on the story
Pros+ Stunning
+ No padding
+ Collectibles add to the story
+ Focus on Miles
Cons– Would have liked more Harlem
OverallManages to be even better than it’s predecessor. Miles is a fantastic character in a gorgeous game.

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