Isn’t It Romantic Review

Isn't It Romantic

I’m a complete sucker for a Rom-Com. I start out generally uninterested, and then before I know it I’m sucked it. I feel their pain and I want them to be happy goddammit! But as a film whose main intention appears to be to lampoon the genre, can Isn’t It Romantic hit the same heights?

Just like Rebel’s character, I know the tropes, and these films shouldn’t get to me like they do. Three quarters in I didn’t think it was working out, but damn it, Isn’t It Romantic got me! That it’s so aware makes that doubly impressive.

On the flip side, that it’s so successful with what makes me weak for the genre makes me wonder if it doesn’t go far enough. Could it have been more brutal with it’s lampooning? Could it have deconstructed the genre further and asked questions about why we still get drawn in? I think it could have, and perhaps it should have.

When all’s said and done Isn’t It Romantic doesn’t manage to escape the pull of the genre it’s trying to lampoon. But that doesn’t stop it being entertaining.

Note – I can’t not point out that Liam Hemsworth has terrible timing. Really, it’s bad. I guess he’s game at least!

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