Enchanted Review


How had I not seen Enchanted properly before!

There’s a running joke on my wife’s side of the family that her brother does a great cry of “Giselle”, before biting the back of his hand. So I was well aware of that scene, and I’d seen parts of it.

But due to the magic of it being on TV and me happening across it, I’ve seen it in its entirety, and it’s fantastic.

I’m fighting the urge to just talk about Marsden’s Edward to be honest with you. As a Disney Prince, he’s perfection. The handsomeness, the hair, the willingness to slay a beast. He also isn’t necessarily he brightest spark. He’s brave and well-meaning, just not as sharp as his sword. Weird to think that this is after he played Cyclops. Losing the stubble and the glasses suits him.

Note to self – You’ve reached your ‘gushing about Marsden’ limit for this review Chris.

But I can’t forget Amy Adams, who is just a joy. I know she can act most people’s socks off, but she can sing, and she can pull of a certain whimsy without being annoying. Watching her Princess tendencies start to fall away as she encounters more and more ‘real life’ is interesting.

The balance between Disney and real life is nicely measured. Dempsey’s single parent is realistically cynical about the whole situation; bluntly, he isn’t a douche! You can see that he wants to believe that things could be better, but life has shown him differently. So when he shifts, it feels reasonable and fits the story well.

Enchanted is extremely willing to look into Disney tropes, and mock them when needed. But it all seems to come from a place of reverence, and it never becomes cynical. There’s still that belief that magic is around us.

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