Comic Review – TMNT Universe #7

TMNT Universe #7

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Call it the cynic in me but despite the tremendous amount of goodwill I have towards Universe, a few pages in I wondered if issue 7 was going to be a clunker. Last month we had my favourite IDW turtle in the spotlight. But now the focus has turned to Donatello, possibly my least favourite (yes I said it!).

Well I’m happy to admit that I was a wrong. TMNT Universe #7 is extremely interesting as it heads off in a decidedly Philip K. Dick direction. So much of the story is intrinsic to a very fundamental spoiler that I can’t say much. Suffice to say it’s a very well written story that brings forth plenty of questions. I found myself flip-flopping between two points of view constantly over the course of reading it. We’ve had several issues containing discussions between the brothers recently, and every time it’s been cool to see their different personalities and viewpoints clash. We do get another here; one that comes across very naturally.

Based on their work here, newcomers Ryan Ferrier (writer) and Adam Gorham (artist) are more than welcome to stick around. Gorham’s turtles avoid looking overly awkward or toothy and are very expressive in both their facial expressions and their bodies. The shading threw me off a few times but I think that’s more me than the art itself. Ferrier has crafted a real page-turner, full of intrigue that has eagerly awaiting next month’s issue. I get the impression they’ve went all-in on their chance to tell a TMNT tale and so far they’ve done a great job.

In the back of the issue we find the backup story, What is Ninja, continuing as it focuses on the history of Samurai and Ninjas. I’ll admit I’m struggling slightly to follow the art but the prose is fantastic so I’m more than happy.

That sums it up really. I’m really happy with IDW TMNT at the moment.

As a writer for Flickering Myth I’m privy to review copies of comics. This review was first and foremost written for them.

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