Comic Review – TMNT Universe #6

TMNT Universe #6

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Last month I moaned about TMNT Universe being a victim of its own success, as its first arc and its sister title conspired to make #5 appear relatively poor. It wasn’t bad by any means but came off as the worst when they were all held together.

It’s a new year now though, and Universe is the first piece of TMNT goodness we’ve received in 2017. All I can say is it’s a good start.

First off…it’s a Mikey issue! As my favourite IDW turtle it’s always good to see him in the spotlight. Writer/Artist Nick Pitarra, writer John Lees and colourist Felipe Sobreiro come together to create an entertaining yet creepy one shot that introduces a couple of new characters. I thought I recognised the artwork; a bit of Googling reveals Pitarra has worked on several covers for TMNT in the past. I knew I knew his work!

Pitarra’s faces are very expressive, particularly useful on Mikey, especially when he’s really put through the wringer through this story. Terror, surprise, pain, curiosity, and thoughtfulness all come together as he comes up against a classic TMNT villain in Wyrm. This guy is scary. His appearance is enough, but add in a simple red balloon to signify his presence and you’ve got some scary ‘IT’ style stuff going on. I feared for Mikey.

Universe #6 is a horror story told in one issue. Great credit must go to the creative team as they’ve managed to set everything up, built up tension, and end things satisfyingly in 21 pages. I look forward to seeing them again in the future.

After the really rather dreadful Leo backup in the first few issues we now have a different tale, this time drawn and written by Brahm Revel. I think I’m right in assuming its focus is on former Foot Assassin Jennika (I don’t read solicitations). It’s mysterious and interestingly written as the present crosses with the past. It’s nicely put together. Unlike the last story I want to see more.

Simply put this is a really great start to the year. Good work.

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