Baywatch Review


I can sum up Baywatch extremely simply; it’s very attractive people doing fairly amusing things.

The film seems to knows exactly what it is, even mocking the situation at times. I’m glad it didn’t try to be anything more. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t have tried a little harder though.

Once I got past finding an image for this review – I may have become sidetracked – I got to thinking about what it does well. It’s titillating, a bit rude, a little gross, and good fun. It’s also pretty much forgettable. This is absolutely disposable entertainment.

Dwayne Johnson is usually partnered with an outright funny man to bounce off; think Kevin Heart or Jack Black. Weirdly though,. Baywatch, which is part comedy, doesn’t contain any actual comedians in the main roles. Johnson shares plenty of OK banter with the rest of the cast. You can tell they all got along, but the setup doesn’t allow anyone to really shine beyond their tans.

Everyone serves their purpose, whether that’s to essentially be tech support, be the douche bag who comes good, or be stunning. It doesn’t ask much really. The plot is one of the most basic I’ve come across in a while; it completely gives the game away in the first ten minutes. You can argue that as it’s based on a TV show it doesn’t need to be too deep, and you’d be right, but it doesn’t feel like any effort was applied. The gym work is apparent, but in every other regard it seems that ‘just enough’ was acceptable.

My wife and I enjoyed watching Baywatch. Yep, we both got our perve on, but we giggled and we enjoyed it. It could have been better, but honestly, it was based on a pretty sketchy premise in the first place.

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