700th Post

Gonna throw some stats in your general direction! 700 posts 3 domains 6 and a half years 400ish films reviewed 150 odd comics reviewed 75 TV show reviews 30 Batman related posts 123 TMNT related […]


Halloween (1978) Review

Micheal Myers is my boogeyman. I’ve seen all the main horror faces – from Krueger to Vorhees -but it’s Myers who makes me look over my shoulder at night and has me running for the […]


Venom Review

I do find the chasm between critics and audiences interesting sometimes. It seems in the case of Venom there have been very different expectations in play; for every normal cinema goer who think it’s alright […]

Sherlock Holmes and Watson

Sherlock Holmes Review

Sherlock Holmes (2009) holds the distinction of being one of the few films I’ve fallen asleep in at the cinema. My nodding off was more a comment on my well-being at the time and not […]


A Bit of Pew Pew #14

With 2.0 now upon us, I’ve taken the opportunity to start a record of my wins and losses. This prompted me to have a look back at the both the rest of 2018 and further […]


Spider-Man (PS4) Review

In the lead up to this game there were a lot of comparisons between it and the ‘Arkham’ trilogy of Batman games. As a lover of the character and those games, I thought to myself […]