Halloween (2018) Review

Halloween 2018 has managed something really quite odd. It has possibly become my favourite horror film, without being that scary. Let me explain.

Even when they’re scary and gory I want to enjoy watching a film, but there’s a balance to strike. Too grotesque or too damn creepy and I’ll check out. Too tame and what’s the point. ’78 Halloween is very creepy and atmospheric, so whilst it doesn’t have the kill count it does set an unsettling tone. ’18 Halloween is quite similar in tone, ups the kills and violence, but also carries a strong sense of closure and triumph for our final girl turned final woman Laurie Strode.

Everything I need for a horror film is there – lore to read on Wikipedia, a convincing boogeyman, a sense of ‘he’s coming look out!’, and enough brutality to make me wince but not want to throw up. Then Laurie and her family add a core of strength to the story, which when added to a sharp dash of humour, makes this a big winner.

Michael himself is finally returned to the force he should be. No stupid looking mask, no nearly ginger hair, and he’s brutal without transforming into the fully supernatural killing machine he became as other sequels scrabbled to match other masked killers.

I just like this film a lot. A horror film I can fully enjoy. Well, apart from one scene that got far too close to being truly horrific. That one got me good.  But you’ll have to to see it to see what I mean.

In my review for the original Halloween, I wrote about how Michael Myers is my cinematic boogeyman – the one that haunts my late night trip downstairs. He might not be quite as scary now, but that’s fine by me.

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