Jack Reacher Review

Throughout the overly long running time, I had a nagging feeling about this movie. It would only dawn on me a few hours later.

If Tom Cruise was going to persist in being the star of this film it should have been made about 15 years ago.

Of course that’s impossible as the book it is based on, One Shot, was only released in 2005. Before watching the film I read up on the book, and found out that the main character is everything Tom Cruise is not. 6’5, blonde, and built like a brick shit house. Hm.

Barring our diminutive runner, what is the rest of the film like? Serviceable, with some jarring changes in tone from time to time. Several scenes play out like slapstick, which doesn’t gel well with District Attorneys, assassinations and hand to hand fights in the rain.

The cast all do a decent job, and if I didn’t already have knowledge of Reacher, I’d have accepted Cruise, as he is his usual entertaining self. Reacher is one perceptive chap, and his revelations regarding things you felt you have figured out already propel the story along.

Coming back to the nagging feeling though. On more than one occasion women swoon over Reacher. If Cruise were younger, or someone actually fitting the books description was cast I would have just accepted it. As it is, it all just seemed a bit creepy.

For the Cruise fans out there this isn’t a bad way to spend an evening. However, with some judicious editing and a less franchise driven producer/actor, it could have been a lot better.


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