World War Z Review

With the knowledge that production was beset by delays, plus having read the book and knowing that it didn’t appear to have much in common with it, I had concerns about World War Z.

Though there is a noticeable shift in the tone near the end, and the cutting of the film isn’t kind to several characters (both due to the extensive re-shooting of the finale), this is an entertaining and different look at the Zombie phenomenon.

Brad Pitt’s protagonist stands on the line between scientist and soldier, surviving each situation with a hefty dose of common sense, leading me to think he may have read Max Brooks’ original Zombie Survival Guide.

As we follow Gerry in his pursuit of an origin for the virus and possibly a cure, we see the effect that an epidemic like this has, not only on several countries but also the various inhabitants.Though the film was commercially successful, it seemed to get quite a battering on it’s release. Personally I don’t get it. The cast are all effective and though these zombies are ‘runners’ it didn’t annoy me like it usually does. The way the infected throw themselves after prey with reckless abandon is both unsettling and exciting.

Overall eschewing the gore of other ‘Z’ films, whilst also sidestepping the recent trend towards mass destruction in the final third, Pitt and Forster have created an entertaining and sometimes tense globe-trotting movie.

If a less troubled and more coherent production could take place next time, hopefully we can see more of this world and see it take a real step up.

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