Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Great! Awful! An antidote to Snyder! A waste of the setting!

Hyperbole equals hits, but for me, ‘WW84’ is very average. It gets some things right, but for a film that has taken so long to arrive, I expected less clumsiness.

That clumsiness takes several forms, but I’ll get to them shortly. Let’s start with positivity. Gal Gadot is now very comfortable in the role; seeing the best in humanity despite fairly consistently being shown otherwise is core to the character. This time around she’s not the fish out of water, trading roles with Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor. Trevor’s childlike wonder at technological advancement since his death is one of the highlights of the film, even if his inclusion raises some very awkward questions.

Questions are something that comes up regularly. Several times I found myself wondering why or how something was happening. The script just isn’t tight or clear enough on what it’s doing at important points. It’s perhaps clearest in it’s treatment of Wiig’s Cheetah, though that’s all about the implementation of the ‘awkward person gains powers and it goes to their head’ trope than anything else. I think Wiig is well cast, and could have done more if only she’d been given more.

It’s less clear with Steve, or more importantly with Max Lord. The Mandalo…sorry, Pedro Pascal, does very well with what he’s given but again, no clarity. Perhaps I expected more, but he’s certainly good at giving off Trump vibes. And a really solid meme.

I originally thought that WW84 doesn’t lean hard enough into it’s setting. Where’s the music! But it’s not a problem; if anything I think I appreciate that it doesn’t hit me over the head with it all.

So then, bang average. Individually I like all the characters and what they were going for. But it doesn’t coalesce into a strong whole. It also doesn’t seem to line up with the WW we see in Batman v Superman. Say what you want about that film (I like it) but I’d have appreciated things making sense in at least a timeline sense.

Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot make a good team, with ’84 playing up lot of the same themes as its predecessor – I really enjoy the displays of empathy, love, and forgiveness. I just wish someone had been harsher in the edit and tied it all together better.

WW84 has some good parts, but it could have been better.

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