Comic Review – Utrom Empire #2

Originally written for Flickering Myth

Here’s the review for Utrom Empire #1.

“The Fugitoid is faced with an impossible choice, and the fate of more than one species may rest in his hands! As a deadly storm envelops Burnow Island, Baxter Stockman kicks his scheme into high gear. Is Krang ready to pay the ultimate price for his people?”

I’m consistently proven wrong with this series. I should just stop assuming really.

This month I’m wrong as I wasn’t sure if Paul Allor and Andy Kuhn would be able to follow up on a promising first issue to their ‘Utrom Empire’ mini-series. Oh me of little faith.

Continuing immediately on from last month’s #1, we find the Fugitoid in quite the quandary. Once again though he proves himself a true hero, saving the last of a race that was had robbed him of his body and family. However he feels he knows he couldn’t live with himself by falling to the same genocidal depths as his enemies.

What follows is an interesting team up, and a very eye-opening flashback.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that Krang is becoming sympathetic. But his character is becoming so developed that I do understand his motivations. His Father’s actions and attitude are pushing an already depleted civilisation to breaking point and he has no intention of stopping. Seeing Krang call him out makes for a very strong scene that stuck with me beyond the last page.

The Utroms are given enough variation (Watch out for the particularly nerdy looking Drexl) and character that they avoid ‘just’ looking like a bunch of silly brains. Though maybe they should have invested in more body suits as they do get kicked around a fair bit.

Krang’s character is not dependent on his suit, having already shown us he is capable of looking after himself in his ‘villains’ issue. But although the limitations of his body are exposed his strength of character is displayed with full force.

The TMNT may be beginning to learn more about his ultimate weapon, but I don’t think they know what they’re letting themselves in for. Krang could possibly be becoming a more interesting villain than Shredder, which goes to show just how much I’m liking the additional levels of detail that are being added to him.

It’s not all Krang though, as the Fugitoid gets his own moment to shine this issue, and what a bad ass he is becoming! It’s always good to see Stockman get clocked. The worst kind of enemy is a slimy, underhanded one; and he fully deserved a smack.

Looking forward to the third issue! Let’s see some more hardcore Fugitoid and Krang action!

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