Comic Review – TMNT Universe #9

TMNT Universe #9

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Upon seeing the name ‘Campbell’ on the cover of this month’s TMNT Universe I assumed that Sophie was on art duties, leading to high levels of excitement. But then I started reading and it wasn’t right. It looked fantastic but it wasn’t what I was expecting. Then it dawned on me.

She isn’t drawing this issue…She’s writing it! Looking at the inside page confirmed this.

Universe #9 might take Angel and Alopex (still struggling to spell that name right) to a different dimension but the issue has a very earthy feel, at least in its colours. It’s beautiful, though there is one thing I appreciate even more and that is Alopex’s facial expressions. Outside of Campbell this is the best I’ve seen her look. I can feel exactly what she’s feeling in any panel; it’s a treat. Alopex’s face being handled so well makes Angel’s face all the weirder to me. It seems smushed up at times, or like she’s blowing out her cheeks and pouting. If the rest of the issue wasn’t so fantastic looking I probably wouldn’t have noticed!

So the artwork gets a big green tick. How does the tale being told fare? I confess that all this business with the Pantheon is not my favourite aspect of IDW TMNT.

*Thinks of the April/Casey series*


Anyway, this is definitely one of the better Pantheon stories, even one issue in. I found myself intrigued, quickly clocking the toads dotted around the panels and following them. I had to know what they meant! Once again not reading solicitations and spoilers prevents me from knowing how long this arc will be, but it left me wanting to know more. Hopefully it gets enough time and doesn’t have to rush to conclude things. Toad Baron clearly isn’t all he seems and I can’t figure out how Alopex and Angel are going to deal with it all.

The backup story ‘What is Ninja?’, reaches it’s conclusion this month too. It’s been an interesting few pages to follow. I haven’t always understood it, but it’s been good to follow Jennika and get a look into the life. Maybe it would come across better in one go in a paperback.

TMNT Universe #9 is a promising start to a new arc. Despite my initial lack of interest in another Pantheon based story, Universe #9 has turned things around and left me interested to see where this is going. Angel and Alopex deserve more time in the spotlight and this is a great way to show them off. The artwork is great and Campbell’s dialogue sounds natural. I can just imagine their voices and this dialogue being appropriate.

Big green ticks all round.

As a writer for Flickering Myth I’m privy to review copies of comics. This review was first and foremost written for them.

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