Comic Review – TMNT Universe #10

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Parties can be tricky affairs. Differing personalities, close confines, and a desire for things to go well can lead to an uncomfortable time. TMNT Universe #10 takes all of that and cranks it up high in a well written and overall very pretty issue.

I say overall because much like last month I find Angel looking really weird. The art style looks great when it’s applied to Alopex and Toad Baron, so I’m assuming it’s a human thing. I really like consistency, so to see her swing from looking lithe and beautiful to pulling some off weird gurning faces is rather jarring. On the other hand I can’t be more glowing about Apolex. Her facial expressions in particular really strike a chord with me.

The story itself is relatively straight-forward. That’s not a criticism; in fact it’s nice to see. Things don’t need to be made more than they need to be, especially when they can lead to big things in upcoming issues. This is still the best Pantheon related story I’ve read in TMNT. Maybe Sophie Campbell will be given more to write in the future? Fingers crossed.

Be careful not to overlook the dialogue. There’s a lot of relationship building between Alopex and Angel, which seems very much like Campell’s work; it’s very natural. The Toad Baron in particular is hilarious if you properly read the things he’s saying. He’s like a demented Willy Wonka with the things he employs to keep his guests entertained. You’d be doing yourself and the issue a disservice not to read it all over a second time.

Then there’s the backup story. I often wonder what’s going on in my cat’s heads. They go from sleeping to tearing around the house in a flash, and I wish I could get a look inside sometimes. At least now we get to see what Pepperoni thinks about in a very short tale that is both gorgeous to look at and very sweet.

As a writer for Flickering Myth I’m privy to review copies of comics. This review was first and foremost written for them.

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