Comic Review – Mutanimals #4

Originally written for Flickering Myth.

“The climactic showdown between the Mutanimals and Null! Surprises await both sides of the conflict!”

You know a mini-series has done its job when you’re left lamenting its conclusion.

Paul Allor and Andy Kuhn’s take on the Mutanimals is phenomenal. They’ve taken previously established characters, added several more that are just as interesting, and shook it all up to create a story that has succeeded in all areas; heart, humour, action and realistic relationships. Perhaps the biggest compliment I can pay it is that I didn’t see Hob’s crew as monsters or mutants, or even animals for that matter. They were just characters; growing, making mistakes, learning, and coming to realisations.
This is without a doubt the best work Andy Kuhn has done on TMNT. The framing and panel placement helps the flow of the story, and keep the action easy to follow despite plenty going on. Old Hob in particular fares well this issue, as he realises what sort of mutant cat he wants to be and the new family he is part of. Null is a very entertaining character too, with the expressions Kuhn gives her (especially disbelief) very entertaining.

Just as the Mutanimals aren’t viewed as something weird, Lindsay’s sexual orientation and relationship with Jillian is just that, a relationship. No big deal, which is exactly what it should be. It’s also a well-written relationship that hints at a long history. We’re not forced to read tonnes of exposition. Lindsay has many layers, with her shifting allegiances making her interesting. I didn’t think she was going to be a character I’d want to read about, so kudos on that front.

I don’t need to rattle on about Mutanimals #4. If you’re already invested you should find this final issue more than satisfying, though it does leave some things unanswered If you haven’t tried it, go back to the start and get on-board. You won’t regret it. Bring on another series for these mighty mutants!

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