Comic Review – TMNT #71

TMNT #71

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This far in IDW can afford to be brave. TMNT is a well-established series that has created a universe so large that it can happily maintain a second title, in both quality and new things to say. So it can easily afford to have an issue of the main series that barely contains the main characters. They’ve gone there, and they’ve done a good job of it.

Focusing on the Pantheon, we meet not only those we’ve previously met in TMNT and Universe, but also several new characters. Long time TMNT comic readers might be pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it. But these immortal creatures have many human traits, resulting a bickering and flawed conversation that anyone who has siblings will recognise. They’re powerful alright, but they’re coming to dinner from very different perspectives; in fact they seem interesting enough that I’d like to know what exactly their motivations and reasons are. A future mini-series?

Dave Wachter has done a cracking job with the family members. From Manmoth to AKA, they all carry themselves distinctively. This issue wouldn’t be half as good as it is if the character weren’t presented so well. I usually love some Santolouco or Campbell, but I think Wachter was the right choice for this one.

TMNT #71 isn’t some blockbuster issue filled with action. It’s an intriguing character piece with some amusing frogs.

As a writer for Flickering Myth I’m privy to review copies of comics. This review was first and foremost written for them.

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