Comic Review – TMNT #64

The TMNT are back together as a foursome. You would think that I’d be celebrating this from the rooftops. But I can’t.

Issue 64 does give me something I’ve been after for a while but it does so at such cost that I can’t enjoy it as I expected to. I’ve skirted around Splinter’s actions driving a wedge between himself and his sons before. Mikey has continued to be a strong moral compass for the group, stating his disgust for some of the decisions being made at several points. Donnie and Raph question things for sure, but generally try to obey. Leonardo is the tricky one, the hold out. As pragmatic as he tries to be, you know things are bad when even he is on the way out.

Across the issue, and this arc as whole, relationships have been dealt with supremely well. The Leonardo/Splinter and Harold/Libby relationships have been the strongest, though Mikey has come across really well too.

I’ve mentioned Harold before and I feel the need to do so again. He’s really grown as well developed character over the last few issues. He isn’t just a cantankerous genius. Not only does he have feelings; better yet when he makes a stand it fits what we already know. No left field changes to fit the story.

It’s been fourteen issues since Splinter killed The Shredder. We all knew that this would have massive ramifications for everyone. I didn’t see it going this way though. I didn’t think it would last this long. I’m happy it has. He’s their nemesis; the most well-known TMNT villain. Just because he isn’t around anymore doesn’t mean he should be forgotten.

Mainly about things that could possibly happen. Despite my sadness at how things are it’s great storytelling. I’ve no complaints.

There are so many questions running around my head. Here’s something to ponder. Splinter was a paid assassin before he himself was killed. We know he was a bit of a dick in his younger but his wife tempered that. She’s isn’t around and he’s running a large organisation. No doubt it ran off the wealth of Shredder for a time. How does it sustain itself now? What lengths would he be prepared to go to keep things going?

Next month sees the return of Mateus Santolouco on artwork. I’ll miss Dave Wachter. He once again proved this month that he’s got a great handle on bout the intimate and action packed moments. Hopefully we’ll see him again in the future.

I wasn’t sure about this arc at first but it’s got stronger as it’s gone on. TMNT is closing off 2016 strongly and heading into its 5th year! We’re very lucky to have a quality take on these characters.

We might even get Mikey in a new hat next month. Merry Christmas indeed.

As a Staff Writer for Flickering Myth I’m privy to review copies of comics. This review was first and foremost written for them, lovely people that they are.

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