Comic Review – TMNT #58

This isn’t going to be a long one. Essentially you can take all of the positives regarding artwork from last month and carry them over. Santolouco, Pattison, Wachter and Lee all deserve hefty praise for their consistently excellent work.

Story wise I can’t be quite so upbeat.

That’s because it turns out that this story wasn’t much of a murder mystery at all in the end. I had my guesses through the last two issues, once of which was cast aside as being way too obvious. I’m not very good at looking ahead generally so I expected something else to happen.

Well, I was right. It didn’t end with me being pleased though as the end result was a bit of a let-down. Perhaps I expected too much? I just didn’t expect it to end so quickly.

On the plus side it’s still awesome to see the turtles together and unified. They seem to have better understanding of each other now so hopefully they’ve become a stronger team overall. It’s look as though they’ll need to be, as the last few pages start the ball rolling on the next big story arc. We get some awesome Mikey expressions too which is always a good thing. I’m not willing to count his oxygen mask as new head wear, so I’m looking forward to Santolouco giving him a new hat soon!

As a Staff Writer for Flickering Myth I’m privy to review copies of comics. This review was first and foremost written for them, lovely people that they are.

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