Comic Review – TMNT #48

Review of #47

“Shredder, bent on revenge, has enlisted Baxter Stockman’s help in destroying the TMNT once and for all. Stockman unleashes a swarm of Mousers and Flyborgs, which have just hunted the Turtles down!”

Last month’s issues focused on Casey and the citizens of New York, making for an entertainingly different view of the battle that is now raging across the city. #48, with art by ‘awesome in a different way from Santolouco’ Cory Smith, switches back to our main heroes as they protect themselves from the Baxter hoards. Smith creates some dynamic panels, and gives me/us an entire page of just my two favourite turtles, Leo and Mikey. It’s a touching moment amongst the chaos, and much appreciated.

If you know your TMNT you’ll grin in the same way I did as you find out how Donatello and Kirby communicate and manage the protection of the mechanised turtle’s real body. Between Kirby and Honeycutt they’ve got quite the setup going on.

Elsewhere Nowhere and Alopex continue their best Batman and Robin impression, which is very fitting for them I feel, whilst an unexpected appearance of some newer characters was not only a big surprise, but leaves me with plenty of questions. The inhabitants of New York aren’t completely forgotten, their contribution to the issue proving that a sprinkling of more normal people is always a good thing to have.

Whilst the revelations and questions are raised in the meat of the issue, the action ‘bread’ either side ends with us in a very similar position to where we were at the end of last month. Different location, but still up against it.

There’s only one more issue before the promised wrapping up of various threads in #50. It’s amazing that the series has been running for over four years now. I just hope that this milestone lives up to what we’ve been led to expect.

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