Comic Review – TMNT #47

Originally written for Flickering Myth.

“Donatello struggles to manage his new robot body, Metalhead. Shredder, presumed dead by the Foot Clan, has struck a deal with Baxter Stockman. Meanwhile, a drunk Hun has gathered the Purple Dragons in front of the Second Time Around Store to tear the place apart.” 

Due to some rather off scheduling we’ve received TMNT #47 after the first issue of the Casey and April mini-series. My response to the start of that series is tepid at the moment, so I’m pleasantly surprised to report that 47, chock-full of Casey Jones, is really entertaining and enjoyable.

Evoking the spirit of Spider-Man, the citizens of NYC become heroes in their own way as they stand up to the threat of Hun and his hired gang-bangers. They’ve got a lot to lose, and don’t have the skills that our mutant friends possess, let alone a large bag of sporting goods. They do however have courage, and numbers. One issue I’ve had with TMNT is that we don’t see much of the city and its inhabitants past the main cast of characters. With mutant Rhinos, ninjas, and robots running amok around the city I think a few people may have noticed by now.

Issue 47 goes a long way to rectifying this, and also gives fixes another couple of niggles too. By giving Casey a win (and not just getting the snot beaten out of him), and also finally showing the police force (who I hope we see more of), they’ve not only broken a terrible run of trouble for the Jones boy but made the world the TMNT inhabit a far more rounded place.
Hun has been a bit up and down, but here Tom Waltz has given him a corker of a line, and also a real point to make to his son. His reasoning is actually understandable and too close to the truth for Casey. It’s OK though, as a panel of him about to receive a smack in the face is really well done.
There isn’t much in the way of turtle power this issue, but Santolouco once again manages to give Mikey an amazingly expressive face. I’m pretty sure they’ll be back at the forefront next issue as Baxter, the slimy toad he is, is making his move. Of course I want them to win, but I really want them to give him a pasting in particular! With Shredder in league with him he’ll be a real threat now.
Has anyone noticed that Bebop and Rocksteady may have been more successful than Bludgeon and Koya? Maybe it’s just fresher in my mind but the newer pair are already being called out for trotting out excuses whilst the less intelligent pair get to stand at one side and make snide comments like children. Casey finally got a win, maybe they need one too? Bludgeon could do with some more light shed on him at least.
The final page promises a lot, with the art and colours really setting a high expectation bar. With a move back towards the turtles (I think), I’m sure the IDW team can live up to it.

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