Comic Review – TMNT #39

Originally written for Flickering Myth.

If you’re not all caught up yet, check out my review for TMNT #38! There might be minor spoiler for the issues if you you’re not up to date!

“The ranks of Hob’s gang are growing, and two other mutants want in… Bebop & Rocksteady!! Will they imperil the Turtles’ wary alliance with Hob? And just what the heck are Don and Harold busy building? Read on to find out!”

With brotherly bonds strained and characters tested there is plenty to get your claws stuck into this month with TMNT. It’s full of drama, but it has something more important than that…..a well written Bebop and Rocksteady!
Not only are the actually using their noggins in this incarnation (referring to both Koya’s failure in Northampton and their dealings with The Foot and Hun), but their size and strength is finally being put to good use, making them a real and present threat to everyone around them. They’ve usually been set up as a comedy duo, but it’s great to see the turtles and Hob’s army both take notice and curse their appearance. Santolouco perfectly captures that ‘oh shit’ feeling.

You might recall that Donatello went off on his own in issue #38. Well his short answers and choices regarding the situation his brothers find themselves in says plenty about his feelings in just a few panels. If you’d rather be with Harold then with Mikey then you must be peeved!
The most impressive thing about this month’s book is just how much content it gets through whilst not short-changing the reader. Everything from Casey and his new family, to Donatello’s disagreement, to Alopex making her reappearance. There is also action, and though sparing it gets across exactly what it needs to in an exciting manner. We’ve got gun fire, ninjas and massive chainsaw; it’s far from boring.

By this point the entire IDW team are in a groove, always giving us enough whilst building to more. Alongside the fantastic designs, realistic relationships and spot on pacing It’s what keeps me interested each month.

Raphael was tested at the start of the IDW run, with Leo facing his demons throughout ‘City Fall’. Are we now seeing Donnie face his troubles? What’s exciting is I have no idea how it will pan out! Guess I’ll have to come back next month.

TMNT Tidbits! Watch out for spoilers.

  • Chef Mikey!!! You’ll know by now I do adore seeing Mikey wearing a hat, and this time he’s in full garb! Thank you Mateus!
  • I wonder if Donatello is doing anything to Metalhead apart from repairing him?
  • What a cover! I’ve wondered for a while now how Slash would do against Rocksteady (being the bigger of the two).
  • They really are a physical threat. 3 turtles, Splinter, Hob, Mondo, Slash and Herman against them, and they seem to be doing OK. Next month we’ll know for sure how they stack up with the appearance of Nobody and Alopex.
  • I hope Alopex comes back into the fold. Isn’t she short though? I thought she was quite tall.
  • Hob really is anti-human isn’t he? He dismisses B and R with gun fire when he finds out they’re half human.
  • When the proverbials hit the fan, which they will, how will the turtles deal with it? It surely won’t be as simple as taking out Shredder then Krang in a nice neat order?
  • B and R don’t care about being seen do they! Strolling down the street.
  • The Rhinosaurus joke! It’s up there with Mikey head wear for me.
  • Great to see Casey getting some love. I fear for the O’Neil’s though.
  • Coffee withdrawal! Hahaha that was amusing.

I also have interviews with TMNT artists Ross Campbell and Mateus Santolouco!

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