Super Duper Game – TIE Fighter

One Saturday afternoon our Dad took us into Curry’s and bought us a video game.

But this was no ordinary game. It wasn’t even just one! It was the The LucasArts Archives Vol. II: Star Wars Collection!

We enjoyed all of the games included, whilst lapping up whatever information we could about the Special Editions of the original trilogy that would be released the following year. X-Wing, Dark Forces, Rebel Assault, and it’s sequel were all enjoyable; this was LucasArt’s heyday after all. But TIE Fighter got hold of us and wouldn’t let go.

It was the Collector’s CD-ROM edition, containing numerous improvements that we were none-the-wiser about. All we knew was that this was what we needed a joystick for, and we absolutely adored the intricacies of balancing power systems. The story was actually pretty good, as you dealt with Rebel scum and Imperial traitors.

But there was something more important to be found here for me personally. The TIE/D Defender.

Built as a true match for anything the Rebellion had to offer, The TIE Defender was an absolutely bad ass ship. Three wings, multiple cannons, shields and a hyperdrive! It was awesome and has been my favourite TIE variant ever since. I wouldn’t have got so heavily into X-Wing Miniatures if they hadn’t included a model of it (it’s bad ass there too).

The first Star Wars game from the point of view of the Empire, TIE Fighter is top class.

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