The Tomorrow War Review

The Tomorrow War couches a neat take on the time travel story inside the well used ‘normal guy fighting for his family’ sub-genre. There’s plenty of action, some nice one-liners, and a set of reasonable performances. Nothing wrong so far, with some reasonable effects to boot. Nevertheless, despite originally being a cinema release, this film feels like it was always a small-screen, streamer type film.

Even a half decent Dad/Daughter story will elicit strong emotions (I will not watch Coco again). So don’t be surprised to discover that I shed a brief tear. But what was more interesting was something the film didn’t lean into enough; Becoming aware of what happens to future you and not being able to reconcile those actions with current you. How could that affect someone as they move closer to a time where they know everything changed? Can the future be altered by knowledge of it? Interesting questions that the film ignores as it barrels forward.

For the Chris Pratt lovers, he’s not the funny guy here, though you can see it trying to sneak through a script that gives those lines to other characters.

There’s not much wrong with The Tomorrow War. What’s disappointing is how it takes a cool idea – past conscription – and doesn’t do all it can with it. It’s a reasonable film, with plenty of untapped emotion and ideas.

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