The Shallows Review

I’ve only seen Blake Lively in one film before The Shallows. Fortunately, none of the cast could be held responsible for the train wreck that was Green Lantern so I was starting from pretty much a clean slate.

Jaws is clearly the top shark when it comes to this genre. I’ve got to say though, The Shallows is possibly the closest anything else I’ve seen comes to topping it. If it weren’t for some unnecessary plot additions that rub against what is otherwise an extremely tight and lean tale it could have topped it.

Lively’s performance is full of determination and strength. Rather than the obvious sexuality of her skimpy attire she looks capable; if anyone can get through this situation it’s her. It’s a tense affair that doesn’t need gore to sell it.

The amount of shark screen time is well judged, though I’m not completely convinced by the ending. Regardless, I felt as though as I was right there and that’s testament to how well put together this film is.

I might not be scared to go back in the water but this film still has plenty of bite.

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