The Meg Review

The Meg

A year ago or so I first became aware of The Meg. Despite thinking of Family Guy every time I heard the title, there was one thing that got me excited.

Statham vs Megalodon! It’s what cinematic dreams are made of! 

Unfortunately the final product ends up being a rather mixed affair, purely because it can’t seem to pick a tone.

If only it had made it’s made up on whether it wanted to be more serious like Jaws or more ridiculous like Sharknado. Had it chosen it could have been great. Instead we get a film with some tension, some laughs, and surprisingly little blood. Considering the 12A certificate’s recent leeway you’d think there might be a bit more going on. I’ll admit I wanted a full on slaughter and I’m disappointed.

That sounds pretty terrible, but there are plus points. Statham nails his part; embittered but ultimately heroic. I can’t tell what his accent is up to at this point but he’s great. Of note is the fact that his character not only has a rather sweet romantic relationship, but that there isn’t a big age gap. Usually the age gap is ludicrous but here it’s only six years.

The cast are all decent enough, filling the stereotypes you’d expect. The Meg herself is an impressive beast; I just wish she was allowed to be more savage. Generously speaking, I did get a whiff of Jurassic Park about the whole thing, with discussions about our role in the world, and how we generally discover and destroy at the same time. Admirable to try, but JP shouldn’t feel threatened.

The book this film is based on has multiple sequels, so don’t be surprised to see The Meg again. I’d be all for that if next time they chose a path and really let the shark go for it.

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