The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review

Just went back and read my review for the first Hunger Games movie. I could easily copy and paste a lot of it as it would still be applicable.

I’ve not read the books, but the casting director has done a sterling job. Everyone just seems right at home in their roles. Most will praise Jennifer Lawrence, and they have every right to. But for me, Hutcherson has stepped up. Peetah is terribly conflicted but soldiers on to do what’s best anyway. Poor sod.

I did like Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee. What a name! A very sly character indeed, who always seems to know what to say.

Many of the other characters in the games are glossed over, which gives us time with the ones who matter. This in turn gives weight to every death or injury that occurs. The film could easily have been overwhelmed but the focus always remains where we need it.

With the dome this time around providing much more menacing threats to our heroes, the action is ramped up. Add this to one of the strongest female characters you’re likely to find and a great cast, and you’re onto a good time. Here’s hoping both parts one and two of the final book in the series can keep up this level.

I am left wondering how much of a tease Katniss is though. Make your mind up woman!

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