The Gentlemen Review

The Gentlemen is not the best film I’ve seen in 2020, but it is the most enjoyable. Mashing together Guy Ritchie’s trademark dialogue with what I can only describe as #stylegoals, it zips through a somewhat cinematic narrative device set up by a deliciously cockney/effeminate Hugh Grant.

Just watch this and Paddington 2 to see any preconception you have around old Hugh evaporate. He’s got accents for days and he’s extremely entertaining. He’s the anchor of the entire film and carries it easily.

Going back to Ritchie, perhaps The Gentlemen signals somewhat where he finds himself too. His early efforts, with lower budgets and himself pre Hollywood, reflect that in their use of the lower-echelons of crime. But now, he’s a big deal (he’s made a Disney film!), so it seems fitting that this film would focus more on the upper-echelons.

What that leads to is some amazing clothing. The costume designer – Michael Wilkinson of BvS fame – excels himself. Need that cardigan! Love that waistcoat. Want those jeans! I’m mainly talking about Charlie Hunnam’s character, but everyone looks distinct and extremely cool.

For those of a more sensitive disposition…what are you doing watching a Guy Ritchie gangster film? Nevertheless, despite finding the profanity absolutely hilarious, I can admit that some of it was extremely provocative.

The Gentleman might not quite top Snatch, but thanks to some wonderfully outrageous performances, an on fire Hugh Grant, and a supreme sense of style, I’ll be watching it again for sure.

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