The Breakfast Club Review

The Breakfast Club

It’s odd watching The Breakfast Club for the first time as a 32 year old.

I’m not so far away from the kid’s age that I don’t understand what they’re going through, but I’m old enough to relate to the adults. There’s another huge factor being played here, and it’s that my only real knowledge of the film is from the parody in Not Another Teen Movie!

I’ll admit I spent a lot of time waiting to see how strong Gleason’s parody is, and I wasn’t disappointed. But the rest of the film really stood up to the ‘classic’ tag too. It doesn’t matter that the film is as old as I am; the message of teenagers being misunderstood, and perhaps more importantly to me now, the message that adults don’t have it all sussed out, is still a great one.

That’s it well acted, strongly written, and has some cracking songs in it doesn’t hurt too.

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