The Artist Review

The Artist

The Artist is a thoroughly lovely film.

This film sat by our TV for a couple of months before we got round to watching it, and only 20 minutes in we were kicking ourselves for it. The thought of watching a silent movie was what was keeping us from popping it on, but once we’d settled down it was easy to tell what was going on.

Jean Dujardin, as main character George Valentin, is amazingly charming, with a smile for every occasion. As much as I love the film, I think it’s him who really pulls it all together and makes it sparkle. Bérénice Bejo is also excellent as Peppy Miller, the up and coming starlet whose new talking movies threaten to turn Valentin’s world upside down. The chemistry between these two is very touching and always manages to be what it needs to, whether that be loving, angry or humorous.

Special mention must also be made of Uggie, the Jack Russell Terrier who steals every scene he is in.

The story isn’t ground breaking and you won’t be surprised as to how it ends (or will you?), but you will be impressed by how something simple, when done well, can be so touching. Did I say how much I love The Artist? Writing about it makes me want to watch it now.

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